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Body Wrap

?????????????????????????????????????????????????This relaxing spa treatment will help you lose inches as you flush trapped toxins from your body!  Warm linen wraps, which have been soaked in a medical grade herbal solution are applied to the body.  You relax for 45 minutes in a private spa room while the all natural solution penetrates the protein wall around the fat cell, and draws the unwanted toxins towards the lymphatic system.  You will need to drink one gallon of water within 24 hours of your wrap, to flush the toxins that have been released from your lymphatic system, out off your body completely.  Once the fat cell is no longer full with these excess toxins, the fat cell shrinks, therefore causing a inch loss in these areas.

The appearance of cellulite is also improved, as these fat cells are no longer bulging and as visible underneath the skins surface.  Some clients will have dramatic results with just one wrap, and others will need a series for maximum results.  Older toxins and hardened fat, usually take longer to soften and break down, which is why some clients will need a series.

The Client wears bra and cotton underwear, or small shorts to be wrapped in.  Please do not use soap or lotion after your shower the day you are coming in for your wrap.  These chemicals can block the solution from properly penetrating the skin.  Results may vary, however most clients typically lose between 2-10 inches per wrap.

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